Children's Book

The Big Hunk of Wood That Would Sleep If It Could

This is a sweet story, intended for the beginning reader or for an adult to read to a younger child, with a moral or lesson that eventually comes out of it.

It is all in verse but also all in fun; some of the verses run-on and run-over onto the next line, there are even 5-line, 6-, 7-, and 8-line verses, and some of the rhymes are a little quirky.

But it is all intended to entertain, intrigue, mildly challenge, and in the end teach a young reader something. There may even be words or ideas that the young reader does not yet understand but which he or she can either work around or ask an adult about.

How to get the book

If you have a Kindle you can get it directly from Amazon

If you have an iPad you can get it directly from Apple iTunes

If you have a Nook you can get it directly from Barnes & Noble

If you have some other reader (iPad, Sony Reader, etc) or no reader (you can get it to read online, or as a PDF, or as an RTF readable in Word, for example) you get it here (you do have to create a free login to the website):

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