Go to our music blog here --
There I have posted a bunch of musical clips of oddities, unusual singer-song combinations,
bloopers, etc. and invite you to take a shot at the answers.

Interested in a quirky, funny children's book that you can either read to a toddler or have a new young reader try it him/herself?

"The Big Hunk of Wood That Would Sleep If It Could"

Click here for more information

A few of my past articles:
* "Does More Data Equal More Information?" -- information overload (Wall Street Computer Review)
* "The Job-Interview Game" -- job-hunting exploits (The New York Times)
* "'Below Scale' is B.S." -- Corporate salary scales (New Engineer)

...and some books:

Want a Job? Get Some Experience. Want Experience? Get a Job! American Management Association Using Symphony Que Corp Managing Your Hard Disk Que Corp

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